Sunday, August 7, 2011

CALL for ENTRIES: SNAP Mail Art in Canada

CALL for ENTRIES: SNAP Mail Art in Canada: "

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Remember when green beens were everyone’s “go to” vegetable? They were in every frozen meal and stocked in everyone’s pantry for a quick addition to any meal. I suspect that’s how they got their bad reputation with kids. I have noticed lately that sugar snap peas seem to be the new green beans. Luckily, I love them, and kids seem to like the fact that they are a little sweeter than tried-and-true green beans. Deciding to enter this next exhibition should be (you guessed it)… a snap. Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from the Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP Artists) for their Mail Art Exhibition This all hung exhibit has no entry fee. Here’s another great way to get an international show on your resume. Entries are limited to three…

Learn more about the SNAP Mail Art Show!CALL for ENTRIES:

SNAP Mail Art

ELIGIBILITY: Local, provincial, national and international (all) artists

MEDIA: Text or image based work of mail art. Submissions must fit be packaged to fit through their mail slot 3.81 x 25.4 centimetres (1.5 x 10 inches).

DEADLINE: September 7, 2011

NOTIFICATION: None. This is an all-hung exhibitition.

ENTRY FEE: No entry fee. Please limit submissions to 3 per artist.

For more information, Read the Full Call!

*Editor’s Note: At the time I wrote this submission, their website was down, but you can read the full call on their Facebook page that is linked to Read the Full Call above.

Learn more about the SNAP Mail Art Show!